Free Estimates

We do not charge to write an estimate.

Multiple estimates

Many years ago people involved in accidents were asked to get three estimates and turn them into the insurance company. It is not necessary for you to get more than one estimate and you may choose the repair facility you want to repair your vehicle..

Estimates are not final repair bills

Many insurance companies request that the auto body repair facility write an INITIAL ESTIMATE based on visual damage only. After disassembly and during the repair process additional damage is frequently found.

Drivable vehicles

If your vehicle is safe to drive after an accident please give Lovetts a call at 602-264-6808 and we will be happy to schedule an estimate.

Non-drivable vehicles

If your vehicle is not drivable and it is in an impound lot or tow yard please give the impound lot or tow yard a call to authorize them to release your vehicle. After you have authorized release of your vehicle please give us a call and we will be happy to arrange for your vehicle to be towed to Lovetts. You may also request that the towing company or police at the scene of the accident have your vehicle towed directly to Lovetts.

If you already have an estimate

Please bring the estimate with you to Lovetts.
Some insurance companies will assign an appraiser and write their own estimate. If you have an estimate from the insurance company paying for your repairs it is not necessary for Lovetts to write an additional estimate. We will work from their estimate and if we find additional damage during the repair process we will contact them to adjust their INITIAL ESTIMATE

If you don’t have an estimate

If we have an agreement with the insurance company paying for the repairs we are able to expedite the repair process by writing  the INITIAL ESTIMATE  based on visual damage and proceeding with the repair process. If we find additional damage after we disassemble the vehicle this additional or supplemental damage will be added to the initial estimate and your insurance company will be informed.

If you are unsure as to whether you want to turn the claim in or pay out of pocket

Please inform us that you are not sure whether you want to turn the claim in before we write the estimate. We need to know so we don’t upload your estimate which will begin the insurance claims process while you are still undecided about whether to turn the claim in to your insurance company.